Honey Harvest & Bee Experience

Step into the enchanting world of bees with our exclusive Honey Harvest Experience at Waukivory Estate. In collaboration with Ben from The Humble Hive Collective, a devoted bee enthusiast, we're delighted to offer you a unique, hands-on adventure in the midst of our thriving lavender farm.

Discover the Wonders of Beekeeping, spend an engaging 60 minutes learning about the intriguing behaviours of bees and their crucial role in supporting our lavender farm and the broader ecosystem. Guided by the expert beekeeper Ben, you'll have the opportunity to harvest your own local, raw honey using the 'tapping' method, a non-intrusive approach facilitated by our innovative Australian-designed Flow Hives.

Waikivory Farm Experience Bees

What's Included

  • A 60-minute Honey Harvest Experience, led by Ben, an expert in both teaching and beekeeping.
  • All necessary personal protective equipment for a safe and enjoyable experience.
  • Your very own jar of freshly harvested Waukivory Estate honey, a sweet reminder of your visit.

About Your Guide, Ben is a qualified teacher and leader, as well as an expert beekeeper. His passion for educating the community about bees and their environmental impact is evident in his work. He has established numerous hive communities and maintains collaborations across various sectors, bringing a wealth of knowledge to this experience.

Cost: $60 per person a minimum of 4 people 

Waukivory Bee Experience 2

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