Enchanting Details of Waukivory Estate

Embark on a journey of discovery at Waukivory Estate, where the magic lies in the details. Every corner of our estate tells a story, crafted with love and an eye for the extraordinary.

Award-Winning Design Meets Rustic Elegance  

Designed by the celebrated Naomi Findlay of Findlay & Co, our spaces blend award-winning sophistication with the warmth of Australian farmhouse style. Here, every detail is a testament to our commitment to elegance and comfort.

Waukivory Interiors 3
Indulgent Comforts, Tailored to You  

Unwind in rooms adorned with custom-designed William Morris-inspired linens, harmoniously paired with our simple yet elegant decor. Our free-standing baths, set upon timber floors, offer a sanctuary of relaxation, complemented by luxurious linens that promise a night of serene slumber.

Artistic Whispers on Every Wall  

Our walls are graced with botanical art and charcoal drawings, each piece telling its own story, adding layers of depth and wonder to your stay.

Waukivory Interiors

A Symphony of Senses  

Experience our custom-scented candles, filling the air with a fragrance that's uniquely Waukivory. Relish in the natural bounty of our land with soaps made from our on-site honey and await the exciting introduction of Waukivory Estate's own wine, beer, whiskey, and gin.

Roam, Explore, and Discover  

Venture out into our lavender and foliage fields, immerse yourself in nature, and feel the everyday fade away. The estate is a treasure trove of experiences, waiting to be uncovered.

Waukivory Interiors 2

Valerie: A Vintage Haven  

Discover 'Valerie', our vintage caravan, hosting a farm-style homewares and gift boutique. Here, you can take a piece of Waukivory Estate home with you – be it candles, journals, linens, farm-grown lavender products, botanical art, and much more.

Waukivory Cheese 1

Local Delights at Your Fingertips

Our mini-bar is stocked with local produce, ensuring you have the best of the region's offerings with every stay.

Waukivory Wine 2

Meet Our Farm Family  

Our farm is not just a place, it's a community of love and personality. Meet our charming chickens, each with their own name and story, our adorable donkeys Daisy Duke and Baby Dusty, and our majestic horses Lyric, Dougie, and Paradise. Marvel at Pee Kay, the peacock, and Grahame the guinea fowl, who fancies himself a peacock too! Our family also includes our diligent flower hosts, Queen G and Queen Lexi, named after our beloved daughters, who ensure our honey is as sweet as our memories here.

At Waukivory Estate, every detail is a thread in the tapestry of experiences we offer. We can't wait to welcome you and share the countless stories and special moments that make Waukivory Estate truly a place like no other

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Waukivory Horses and dogs
Waukiovry Chickens
Waukiovry donkeys

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